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Party near the Park 2010 – The Backing Singers View

This is the seventh year that Sharon and I have been a part of this event. Along with Sally McFall we have provided the backing vocals for Party Near the Park’s Bono, Freddy Mercury, Lyneard Skynnard, Liza Minelli, Barry Manilow, and Duran Duran , We have sung themes from James Bond Movies , Copacabanna, The Rocky Horror Show and Cabaret . We have watched Managing Directors, Directors, Personal Assistants, Secretaries and Board Trustees all hit the PNTP stage.

At the moment , as Sirens, Sharon and I do in excess of 60 gigs a year and this is without doubt one of our favourites. There is something very heart warming about seeing so many giants from the Property Industry taking a leap out of their comfort zone to put their faith in the hands of the PNTP team and the band. They burst through the rehearsal doors panting ‘here I am, I have rushed here from my 6:00pm meeting where I have talked projected targets , increasing nett worth and place shaping, I may have to go back to the office after this but for the next 20 minutes I am going to attempt to release my inner rock god for the sake of the greater good.’ It would be true to say that some inner rock gods are nearer the surface than others but, without exception, they emerge, oh yes they do !, and from where we stand, at the back, there purely to support the monster ,the moment of unleashing is a brilliant one.

We are all working towards the same thing, the night Thursday 3rd June, Old Billingsgate Market, an evening of fantastic entertainment, great food, drink and, most importantly, the chance to raise a load of money for Land Aid. I grew up in Stepney, lived on the Commercial Rd, a thoroughfare for many of London’s homeless. We had a stash of plastic cups under the sink . If someone shuffled to the door needing a cup of tea and a cheese sandwich then you made them one, that was the rule. I live in leafy Surrey now . We don’t get many callers. It is easy to forget . On the walk to Terminal Studios from London Bridge, however, on a day in May when it should be warm but it isn’t and it shouldn’t be raining but it is, there is a stream of reminders of the need for Land Aid; young people cocooned in sleeping bags, elderly men huddled in doorways, sons and daughters just on the move from one place to another. So for Party near the Park 2010, I say check out and unleash the Rock Gods!


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