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St Barnabas Hospice, Worthing

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The Sirens Band performed an acoustic set last night at the new- build hospice in Worthing.   St. Barnabas House is a local independent charitable hospice, first opened in 1973 by a local GP Dr. Francis Gusterson. It is a non-religious organisation that offers palliative care for patients with advanced cancer and other advanced life-limiting diseases. The Hospice’s new building is an inspiring place to be and a true example of what can be achieved if people pull together.  Thank you to Bennett Griffin for inviting us last night and to all the staff at St Barnabas for all of the great work they do.

Badgers Petworth

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The lovely courtyard at badgers on a beautiful sunny day is a great place for an acoustic afternoon gig and we really enjoyed our time there at the weekend – Watch this space we will be back!

The Carry on Up the Aisle Royal Wedding Charity Ball at Fitzleroi Barn in support of Breast Cancer was a wild and colourful affair with fantastic costumes and a great audience. Thank you to our lovely 8 piece band including Andy Sturges on drums, rod Hart on Keys, Greg Harewood on bass, Kieran Moore on guitar, Matt Douglas guitar/vocals and Jonny Griffiths on Sax.

Sirens all around at Arundel Festival

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Sat 21st
Ok, so there was some rain and on the first night we did not quite make it to headline the main stage which was water logged, but the show must go on and it did!   To a packed bar in The Red Lion, with 6 musicians, half a sound system, one drum, and one mic between us we had a wild time , on what Andy described as one of his favourite Sirens gigs.  A brilliant crowd, thank you  so much to Chris the landlord for having us at a moments notice and to everyone who waited in the rain.

Fri 27th
Of course in a town as beautiful as Arundel, where else is there to be but in the town centre which is where  we were all afternoon on Friday.   The sun actually came out,  until we sang Summertime  at which point  it went in again but  how fab to have such a diverse audience, children, cyclists, shop keepers, shoppers, dog walkers,   delivery men, publicans, traffic wardens, well maybe not traffic wardens but to those  who turned out specially and those who  accidentally passed by it was great to see you.

Sat 28th
Sirens  made it onto the main stage and loved every minute .  Joined by Alex Kriche on the keys and vocals, Andy Sturges on drums, Matt Hughes on bass, Paul Dymott on guitar Shazza and Anna rocked out .  Thank you to a lovely friendly audience and a great technical crew.  It was a blast!

Sun 29th
Back on the mainstage for an acoustic set with Alex and Paul, the sun shone, beer flowed and it was a great atmosphere.
Finally, to end off our Arundel Festival experience we were joined by John Limpus on guitar for a crazy night in Jazzmins.  There was champagne, wild dancing, audience participation, and I remember a fluffy bear and an opera singer, but hey what goes on in Jazz mins should probably stay there.
Big thanks to all of our audiences, Glenda Harkiss and all the technical guys, a great week!