An image of Anna and Sharon from The Sirens Band

The Sirens - Singers West Sussex

Sharon and Anna will work closely with you to bring the best music to your event. They will establish the most appropriate set list and band line up to suit your venue and occasion and always offer a fun and professional approach.

The Siren’s experience includes some of the best sound technicians in the business who will work tirelessly to get the perfect live sound as well as providing recorded music and lighting

Musical Combinations
  • 3 Piece = 2 vocals, 1 guitar
  • 4 Piece = 2 vocals, guitar and piano
  • 6 piece = 2 vocals, guitar, piano, bass, drums
  • 7 piece = 2 vocals, 1 guitar, 1 piano, 1 bass, 1 drums and sax
  • 7 piece + as above with specific musicians added as required

For more information call Sharon on 07780 705813 or Anna on 07958 700965. Alternatively, send an email to